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This year was a successful year for Center for Cultural Cultural & Creative Exchange (CCCE)’s Polaris of Taiwan Chapter. Like the U.S. Chapter, Polaris of Taiwan Chapter aims to promote Asian heritage and culture in a modern context to a broader audience in the United States of America. This year, six members received the President Volunteer Service Award: Katherine Ma, Alexandra Chen, Abby Chang, Evelyn Lee, Steffie Lee, and April Chang. The team organized many prominent events this year, including a clothes drive, volunteering at an animal rescue, and volunteering at a nursing home. For the most recent event, members donated shoes to Sub-Saharan and East Africa. Besides the activities mentioned, the team also participated in many other activities as well. The Taiwan Chapter is looking forward to continuing last year’s success and welcoming new members and organizing a wider range of events this year.

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Polaris performing for elders at a nursing home!

In addition to promoting Chinese culture, CCCE has also vigorously sent warmth to the community. During times of the pandemic, Polaris Youth volunteer teams from both the United States and Taiwan held a variety of charity activities, some include- donating much needed supplies and food to hospitals, disadvantaged groups, nursing homes and animal shelters.  Wu Liqing, who is the President of the Cultural and Creative Association, stated, “Polaris volunteers used light clay as materials to produce charms and ornaments[charms], and matched with jinsha chocolate to increase the purchase. The volunteers each made 10 groups to raise funds for the charity sale, and a total of 60 groups were sold.”  The Youth club later completely donated the money to Bethany Children’s Hospital. Later, the Cultural and Creative Association received a letter of sincere thanks from Taiwan’s Bethany Children’s Home, thanking the volunteers for their donations and efforts, so that the children of the children’s home are full of gratitude and joy.

Source- Ocacnews 

The hardworking volunteers in action!
Bethany Children's Home's Thank you letter!
Handmade Charms donated to children!