About Us 關於我們

Our team spans both the United States and Taiwan, and aims to spread Eastern Asian culture through creative artistic shows, exhibitions, and performances.

US Officers 美國理事

Taiwan Officers 台灣理事

Our Team: United States (我們的團隊:美國)

President: Li Ching Jung 吳麗卿

Vice President: Kai Liu 劉開乾

Treasurers: Susie Fan 張秀琦, Cindy Lin 郭惠荃

Secretary: Bright Lin 林美華

Public Relations Directors: Angela Lee 李安琪, Kenny Lee

Program Director: Kirby Tan 陳界福

Concert Director: Shirley Fan 范翠育

Special Program Directors: Joan Lin 黃瓊玟, Michelle Chu 劉雅玲

Our Team: Taiwan (我們的團隊:台灣)

President 會長: Sandra Chiang 江夢娟

Vice Presidents 副會長: Annie Liu, Ruby Huang 黃卉榆

Treasurer 財務: Judy Chan 李蓮香

Public Relations Director 公關總監: Yiling Wu 吳宜玲

Event Planning Director 活動策劃總監: Ting Yen Yu 丁彥妤

Contact Us

Telephone: 908-794-7768

Email: cccenj2019@gmail.com